The Lord is My Shepherd:
A Tribute to Thomas Matthews


























Thomas Matthews (1915-1999) was longtime organist, choirmaster and resident composer at Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa.  His music is beloved by church choirs and congregations around the world.

This is the first compilation of Matthews' music on compact disc.  Matthews' music was written to be performed as a part of worship in the Anglican tradition, combining the poetry of the Scriptures and the Book of Common Prayer with rich vocal harmonies and the majesty of the pipe organ.  The title song, a setting of the 23rd Psalm, has sold over a million copies of sheet music.

The disc includes 15 of the 30 choral anthems published by Matthews over his long career, ranging from meditative a capella pieces like "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" and "Souls of the Righteous" to the jubilant trumpets and voices of "The Day of Resurrection."

The disc also features five organ improvisations by Matthews.  Three are performed by Jon Olin Roberts, who studied under Matthews and transcribed many of his improvisations.  Two others, improvisations on the hymn tunes "Nassau" and "Picardy," were digitally restored by Frank Leech, producer of the CD, from a vinyl LP recorded by Matthews in the 1960s.

The disc was recorded at Trinity Episcopal Church in 2001 and 2002. Mary Matthews, the composer's widow, sang with the Chorale for this project.  The Chorale is grateful to Mrs. Matthews and to the Fred Bock Music Companies for permission to perform these selections.











The Anthems of Dr. Thomas Matthews are published by Fred Bock Music Company. Click here to search their catalog for Dr. Matthews' compositions.

Selected compositions may be available at a discount from or from your local music store.




















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List of tracks
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1.       Fanfare in D major

2.       Save Us, O Lord

3.       I Will Give Thanks

4.       I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

5.       O Ruler of the Universe

6.       Open Mine Eyes

7.       Fanfare in G

8.       The Lord Is My Shepherd

9.       Sing a Song of Praise

10.    I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me









11.    I Sing of a Maiden

12.    Meditation

13.    Teach Me, O Lord

14.    Picardy

15.    Souls of the Righteous

16.    My Song Shall Be of Mercy and Judgment

17.    Thanks Be to God

18.    O Heavenly Father

19.    The Day of Resurrection

20.    Nassau


























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